To Those Ignored

Just to clarify, I am now on a personal venture to take notion ink down. I have been waiting 4 months for a return of whats rightfully mine, the $470 it cost me to buy an Adam tablet PC that broke within 24 hours with less than 1 hour of usage.

People have accused me of attacking notion ink but I am merely doing whats right. Speaking up for the people. In doing so I have made a few good friends, and I thank you all for the love.

Now, I have been in contact with Rohan himself and he has agreed to handle our cases personally.

To all those who get ignored by notion ink support staff please send me an email with either your details “name, email address” or case number.

I will personally see to it that he handles this seriously with extreme importance. I know of at-least 15 people whom are currently being ignored. Please come forward and email me.

For those unsatisfied with this request (after all rohan has made promises before), you may email me your name and contact info (including a phone number), I have initiated a class action lawsuit and am in the process of compiling names of customers who feel cheated or have simply not received the promised support. This lawsuit covers a  failure to provide  promised warranty, failure to comply with supplied warranty conditions AND false advertising. By false advertising  we cover the promised features missing from the adam we recieved in the mail. We buy a product for what it CAN do not, for what it may do in the future.

Personally I am not giving him my case details but I would like to give him the benefit of the doubt, I’m not a bad guy, if you would like to go down that road, feel free and we will see what becomes of it.

I can be contacted at

Again, thanks for the support guys, our pagerank and traffic reports show the love. I understand many of you are  not too keen on associating your name with this site and know that you can always post anonymously.


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  • Iolanthe Russell

    thank you max power. finally someone is doing something about these idiots.

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  • 4r4nd0mninj4
    • Jacob Gorny

      I just read your experience. That is bloody insane. Very sorry for what this company has put you through. I have tried to hold on but at the moment I am three weeks into waiting for some kind of response from Notion Ink with regards to a repair I requested – even on my dime. Now they have my tablet and my money and I am getting rather upset about it – but at least now I see that I am not alone and it could end up being much worse.

      I feel like I’d do better reducing it for parts than keeping it intact – or else selling it to someone who could make a buck or two writing their own software to get it working properly.

      • 4r4nd0mninj4

        We are part of the unlucky ones, but from what I can see (giving the new names on my support emails) Notion Ink is at least “trying”, as far as I can tell, to work through this. My life will go on and I will be more cautious in the future.

  • Goodboid

    So ya, you know html enough to create a website. Is that all it takes nowadays to pull down and drag through mud countless man-hours of work by a team of entrepreneurs? You just “imply” that there’s false advertising by notionink with zero proof to back it up. People like you deserve secretive ***ks like Apple who treat customers like dirt. Go buy an iPad. I stringly suspect a Samsung stooge at work here.

    • Kurian..Of Borg

      Please, I fully expected this from an Indian company. EVERYTHING he says is true, especially the blatant disinterest and disrespect to customers and failure to honour warranty. The last thing an Indian company should do is sell hardware to America.

      • Eswar Balasubrahmanyan

        your presumptions are the things that worry me. good luck with that attitude. sounds like you got laid off.

        • Guest

          I am Indian and employed as a software developer in India. I’m talking about everyone around me.

      • Anonymous

        india was there before u even existed,and all your ipad,s and and even facebook is outsourced to china and india becaus e i agrre u have money and US is the best country in the world to get jobs but 35% americans are jiobless and u see ur movies of aliens and about how computers are taking our ur world, and everyone one in the world only cares how to make money there is no country or emotinns involved

        • Guest

          I am Indian and I still think India is a shithole.

          • Dc

            Yaa when shitholes like you exist things like these happen.. India is known for brains you shithole.

          • Lillian

            Oh really? You think India is a shithole, why don’t u crawl into the arabian sea and die there instead! Atleast India will have one less A$$hole!

      • Atn

        Hi, if do not have an idea please ask walmart, GM why they have opened IT dept in India, it appears that you are recently given pink slip, why not you try job in India

        • Guest

          In case you didn’t know, everyone is now pissed off with customer support of foreign companies because it’s handled by incompetent Indians. I’m Indian and I know my colleagues have no respect for the quality of their work.

          • Lillian

            Just because you are frustrated with your colleagues who probably pile their work on you does not mean you generalize all Indians, You say you are Indian and yet you are dragging India’s name into mud because a few team mates of yours don’t take their work seriously!!!. Ask silicon valley why 80% of people there are Indians or of Indian descent… I am a software engineer. me and all my colleagues take our work seriously! Most S/w companies around the world are populated in majority by Asians and mostly Indians! So quit rambling just coz there are a few bad apples in your basket!

    • Eswar Balasubrahmanyan

      sorry but a demo video is good enough to ensure the blogger is truthful

  • scott

    zero proof. your trying to be a comedian right? i am also an owner of an adam tablet. The features it shipped with are nothing like the features i was promised.

  • scott

    and then i can go on about the touchscreen responsiveness. the gps not working. the lack of wifi reception. the fact that the camera in review units is completely different to the shitty camera in the shipping model. the white trim being a poorly glued down sticker. fm radio not working. bleeding PQI screens. cloudy cheap screen protector. dodgy viewing angles. BUGGY software that’s simply taken from tabletroms. lack of support staff..

    Want me to think of a few more.

    then we have this site. a few decent hard working guys who simply had their tablet break without any response from the people whom are meant to honor the included warranty..

    notion ink can go to hell

  • No

    I was on the fence about purchasing an iPad or Adam. I am so glad that I chose the Apple product. The iPad is my first piece of fruit, and I really like it. I use it every day, and a year later I still love it. It does have a few shortcomings, but compared to other tablets it seems to have far fewer problems. It just works!

  • Unhappy ni adam owner

    More power to you Mr. Max! Roghan had been issuing misleading and half baked promises.

  • wolfves

    Notion Ink is a proverbial wind blows charm and who is to know if dust of settlement brings harbour to our woes. Rejoice something leasts. Max Power is name from Simpsons?

  • Old Man Rook

    Has anyone considered that notion ink is a conspiracy theory set up by the remnants of the bush administration? By selling crap tablets to the West, the US will have a reason to invade India.

  • Peter

    Good job. You are doing the good for so many victim and potential victim.

  • Nathan Croy

    I’m still hacked off that they lied about so many things and have yet to do ANYTHING to make up for it. The trackpad on the back, the fm receiver, the photo shopped bezel, it’s insane. Every time I email them they’ll send me an email back, but they just don’t address how they plan on making anything right. With the FM receiver, they don’t even comment. I was lied to; dozens of times. Anywhere else I would have had my money back by now.

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  • Jomon_88

    actually, what happened to your Adam?

  • Vishesh Doshi

    Hi Max. I am a Adam fan. Yet i am with you on all of this. I believe in keeping things in Balance. If they (Notion Ink) make wrong promises then we must point it out. If they (Notion Ink) do the good job. Then we must equally appritiate. Unfortunately so far the balance seems to be lost & tilted towards the Bad part.

    1> false advertising
    2>failure to provide promised warranty in – some cases*
    3>failure to comply with supplied warranty conditions -very much true with many units*
    4>promised features missing
    5>Gripper design not serving the purpose it should. Any pretty heavy hardware.
    5>Most importantly the non-productive Operating System, the GUI & the mediocre applications
    6>The dormint “Genesis” app store.
    7>Exessive dependence on uncertain external resources with no permanent agreement or tie up for R&D with these talents (Tabletroms,Notion Ink Hacks & the entire Android community) . Although its a good idea to go completely open source In all aspects like the hardware tweaks, software roots & tweaks, extra addons, ect..ect…But for this reliability of the firm is always a question.
    A gud example is the Nissan Skyline or the Toyota Integra. Superb machines with lots of customisations & engine tweaks kept open for access. But in the end of the day it the company resonsible as a baseline for these beautiful power machines. The minimum product standard & quality must be achieved & not to be outsourced or relied on third party for unconditional inputs. All this must be channelised & taken seriously.

    1>Upgraded support platform
    2>One of the unmatched hardware specs.

  • Anonymous

    I think that anyone who bought one of these pieces of sh………. got exactly what they deserved. Given the endless fiasco in delivering a product and then how the product was sold/distributed, the lack of any US retailers selling/standing behind the product, the clear lack of committed financing, the reputation of Indian hardware manufacturers, and so on and so on and so on ….. how could anyone in their right minds shell out those kind of dollars for this thing. And if you bought it on a credit card and it broke immediately or was not as advertised, you have at least 60-90 days to dispute the charge…and if you don’t have the credit to even have a credit card, how utterly stupid is it to shell out all that money on a pipe-dream, bad karma product ….. and that would be the reason your credit rating sucks.