Well Well, Where Are You Now Mr Shravan?

Thank you to the guys at Technoholik and Crunchgear. If you haven’t seen the news stories I will be linking to them below.

Rohan, be scared.

This is not a threat but merely a request for support. The people will do something about this, and wont stop until they get their money back, exchange, whatever. Nobody deserves to be ripped off.

Within half an hour of the articles being published I got an email from rohan saying “share your number” That’s all it said, no please, no thank you, no thought of any manners or common courtesy. Rohan, if you are reading this, I would like a reply to not only my questions but to my personal support request. You told me that if I “revealed my identity” you would personally see to it that my support request would be taken care of.  Still nothing.

Support is worse than thought.  And I thought i knew first hand how bad that is. I received a number of emails from customers whom are being forgotten and rest assured I will be forwarding these to rohan himself. And since he promised to help us there shouldn’t be any problems. Should there? I feel a bit wary saying that but i believe in a man keeping his promise.

John biggs made a very good point in the title of his article “Notion Ink Fans Now Considerably Harder To Find”. I have spent a lot of time pondering on the subject and need to ask, where exactly are these notion ink fans? I admit I saw one person on crunchgear’s article who was  defending notion ink as a startup, but just because your new to the game do you automatically have permission to take peoples money without providing any level of support. I think I just described a common thief.

I saw Rohan’s latest blog post on conclave and see that he is partnering with beansoft for a new keyboard. Shouldn’t the money involved in a deal like that be more appropriately spent on some additional support staff? I have been receiving emails from concerned customers reaching out to me for help and wow, its bad. Some of there support conversations are 100 pages long. Backwards forwards, same “please re-flash your adam” requests and  days, even weeks., of silence.

Rohans semi coherent blog posts have been translated (lol) by an awesome writer, jksaur,  I finally actually understand what Rohan was trying to tell us:

The original is here: http://notionink.wordpress.com/2011/06/25/moving-on/

Here’s my rewrite.

“Hey guys, uh, you’re all gonna get a new keyboard app, uh, in trial, after the uh, next update.

And now, here’s something life changing — uh, a new boot screen! Yes!

And then about Honeycomb. I know y’ll been waitin’ and stuff for this release, and uh, hate to tell y’all, but it’s pretty much gonna be Tabletrom’s version with some tweaks.

(courtesy of jksaur.wordpress.com, you can see the full translation over at his site)

In closing, I link you to a post showing exactly what the support’s like over @ notion ink. These are plain unedited emails:


Oh, and here are the links to the articles i mentioned:





EDIT: while typing this i got an email from rohan saying to give him a couple hours and that he would try to resolve my issue.

I will keep you posted on how that turns out.



  • Ra

    sue the shit out of Rohan Shravan. Biggest Jerk out their. Contact the Times of India.

  • Nihater
  • Guest

    don’t forget about the rest of us… you are fighting on behalf of a bigger population out here… you have my email per your request a few days ago… don’t let him fix your issue and continue to blow the rest of us off! be the champion!!! go Max!!!

    • Damian Lang

      please mail me

      • Guest

        you already have it in your in box from a few days ago.. : )

        • max-power

          Sorry, i have hundreds of these. i am getting a bit lost with them all. mail me again telling me who this is we need to talk…

          • Enjoy

            hahah..you are fighting a big fight on behalf of everyone and you got a bit lost with them all in a few days…they are also a bit lost and getting things into place..All you gonna do is just forward the emails and let people know that you have let him know of their request…once your request is taken care of , i doubt, you will even look into the 100 of other emails that you got lost on..

          • Guest

            Dude – this guy is trying to help people out for no personal profit. A little respect.

  • http://twitter.com/rubyrails Prashant Sharma

    What happened to Rohan’s couple of hours response? Did he act usual “soon” way?

    • max-power

      il keep you posted. i am still working with them for a refund.

  • None

    Wow, such a looser u must be.
    NI is awesome, 4 470$ you’re making yourself look like a s#~€€¬ person and don’t really realize all the good things NI is doing in an industry leaded by the Big ones that really won’t give a shit about you.
    As a satisfies NI customer I feel very bad about people (not so sure) that are extending bad news in I don’t know wich kind of interests.

    • max-power

      Thanks for your kind words. The fact is I’m fighting a bigger fight. I’m definitely not the only one waiting for support to honor the warranty.

      Can you justify many people wasting countless hours following up on a refund only to be told: “by the latest tomorrow”, to then not hear back for a week?

      I’m happy you have good thoughts about notion ink. I wish it was that easy for me.

      And by the way, i have dealt with these bigger ones you speak of and my support emails were answered promptly and my concerns dealt with within hours. Asus monitor broke, replaced within days. Hp laptop overheated and blew up, replaced that day.

      I have had an Asian no-name-brand ATOM tablet die and support mailed me back within hours. My replacement was here within 2 weeks. All the way from china. I can guarantee they are smaller than NI too but they cared enough to resolve my issues within a REASONABLE time-frame.

      But again, thank you for your concern :)

    • http://twitter.com/rubyrails Prashant Sharma

      470$ is not small amount for most of the people. Blind followers like you are doing disservice to the community. Lately, NI has improved but still there is a lot of room for improvement. You are satisfied, good for you. At least, respect and try to understand the others what they have gone through. It is not money but the amount of time one has spent following NI and it’s non existing support system.

    • Drr

      Let me understand: Are you saying NI actually cares about its customers? I find that laughable.

    • Niibs

      You are a happy customer? Why don’t you buy a brick at some construction store? Would cost you a fraction and would have the same functionality. Hahaha

    • Lillian

      I feel very bad about your grammar and language skills… go back to school… I think you are a paid spokeperson they picked off the street

  • Roy

    Waste of my time, thought you had a point until i started reading your post. Get real guys, Apple wasn’t apple in a year. Notion has a fantastic product and i am happy i decided to purchase an adam rather than an I-Pad.

    • Nothing

      You failed.

  • Mark

    Max-Power – you set yourself up as a kind of conscience for NotionInk by way of improving their customer service response and warranty servicing. The service you’ve had sounds like crap, but to go from there to ‘notioninkscam’ is a huge leap. You say you don’t want to harm their reputation? I absolutely do not believe that. Maybe ‘NotionInkcrapservice’ or something like that would have been a legitimate attack on their service quality, but ‘scam’ has altogether different connotations.

    In other words, your comments about why you set up the site contradict the naming of the site and what the site actually does. And you imply NotionInk are scamming?

    I have sympathies over the service issues, I really do. But how you are representing those issues with this site is totally disingenious. I have followed the NI story as an objective tech observer since it first hit the tech blogs. I’ve no axe to grind and I’m not particularly swayed by their social media style hyping. I just like to see a spade called a spade. And you, my friend, are not doing that.

  • Nitin Jawale

    NI certainly has cheated our trust. i claimed to give do many things, but ended up being a lower than mediocre tablet. we were , as Indians, really proud to have a company come up with such a great product(they promised!), but ended up being worse than a cheap chinese imitation of ipad. i ordered Ni pixel Qi, waited desperately for more than a month to receive my tab, only to be deceived and frustrated. unlike what is shown on net, it looks like a toy pad for children, all cheap plastic. experience using it is anything but smooth. we need to press some tabs really hard to get them going. the side tabs should have been back lit, how do we use it in the night? . though Pixel Qi display, that is fabulous even in sunlight, swivel camera are some of its USPs, but in the end it is a ver mediocre peice, far from being an ipad killer, it is a low end tab only.

  • Nitin Jawale

    but i forgive u rohan, even if u robbed me for some thousands of bucks and deceived me into believing that yours was a product, which was a class apart. i put his deceit behind, but brother, improve yourself and grow up. it is quality that will take your and your product ( how i wished i could have said our product!) higher and not the cheap publicity campaign and deceiving portrayal of your product on the net. i will love to see my compatriot come up with good and trust worthy products. by the way are you using ipad2 to write your blog?

  • Kqis


  • Old Man Rook

    I think we can all be most certain Mr Shravan wrote the comment below. You Sir, have been busted.

  • Tried_of_NI_Customer_Service

    Hi This is my pitiable story. I ordered for a notion ink 3 months ago. I received it a couple of weeks ago. Trust me I had my foot in my mouth sending mails to NI Support weekly and at last daily. Very bad response. Where I feel the company has a lot to learn is the quality of product. Check out Apple computers – not a single scratch on their ipods, not a single fault on their devices. Where as in NI its 1000s of faults, things that go on and off. My bluetooth has been acting crazy, my sound goes haywire at times, I cant seem to get signal for wifi even if I am sitting (or shitting) near the router. The after support is pathetic. I feel that this company owes its customers a lot. Dont know why Rohan took this initiative. But it has promised a lot and delivered nothing. Feel really bad, feel cheated. Hope NI Fixes this and brings my trust back

  • Test

    Why did you buy this tablet – why not just spend your money on iPad. Is your time worth writing all this?